neutrality in internet access


In recent times there has been a large debate about network neutrality for smartphones and tablets. It is very concerning to know how easily the broadband providers can influence the network connection used by the customers. There is good level of net neutrality in personal networks and some steps have to be taken to ensure the same for a smartphone or tablet. This is because these days a lot of people spend their time on phones and tablets than on computers.

Need for providing a proper Internet access to mobile users

A smartphone and a tablet are nothing but computers in a different form factor. People judge the productivity of these devices by how well they connect to the internet. Also an increasing number of people are accessing the Internet through these mobile devices and for some this the only way thy access the Internet. Thus there needs to be an open standard for mobile internet access or mobile broadband as well.

Current problems faced by mobile users

However, the reason why these companies are using their own closed internet standards is due to competition. This lack of a universal standard has allowed mobile broadband providers to take advantage of the situation by discriminating between apps and controlling the data and apps used by the customers. The customers are the ones who are most affected due to this problem and it has allowed the broadband providers to easily extract money from their customers by controlling the apps they use.

Demands for a change in this situation

This status quo has to change. Mobile users should be given the same treatment as laptop or desktop users. They should be allowed to enjoy a quality experience while using any networked application. That is, there should be no blocking or data discrimination shown to mobile users as this is discriminatory and not innovative. All wireless internet access should be treated the same as wired access.

Maintaining open and uniform is very essential for any technological product. The cries to provide an equal access to internet for mobile users is growing louder and louder. Many hope that this dream will become a reality.

yahoo map


If you want enjoy your journey from one place to another and if you are not in a rush. Yahoo has created an algorithm that can trace the most beautiful route between two points. This enables you to enjoy your journey from point A to point B. It will be extremely useful for travelers who want to enjoy the scenic beauty of their journey. Daniele Quercia working in Yahoo Labs published a research paper on this new algorithm that would enable you to trace the most beautiful routes.

The idea of this map

The main objective of this algorithm is to find routes that are not so long and are beautiful. It is based on a very simple and straightforward idea. She first created a database of images that she took from Google Street View. Then the sourced the information about each of these place from the website urbangems in which users will be asked to see two images and asked to choose one. After equipping their database with the appropriate data, they plotted heat maps to show the beauty of various locations and routes. This allowed them to create a map that is based on an algorithm to reveal the most beautiful route.

How does it work ?

When the user asks for the most desirable route from one point to another, it first plots the various routes between the two locations and then suggests a particular route based on the ratings stored in it. These ratings are calculated from the reviews present in various online blogs and websites. The team that developed this unique map believes that they can still make a lot of improvements. The most important one of these improvements is automating the beauty analysis of these places and routes. Right now, it relies on review and comments available on online websites and blogs. However, it works very smoothly and the more it is refined the better it will become.


Customize your query of your locality by Askme

Are you looking for the app which will be the best guide? If you are wish is so, you must download the Askme app from the Google Play Store. Don’t worry it will take more space on RAM, It will occupy only 3.1 M of space on your mobile and it also compatible with the 2.2 and above versions of the Android based operating system. Now read this review to know more about the importance and highlight of the Askme app.

Features of the Askme app:

The Askme app will allow you to do the many things, if you want to enjoy your birthday party on the restaurant located on your locality you must enter in to the Askme app screen and enter your locality and then enter your need, now your Askme app screen show the information based on your query.

While in a trip you can get the complete information about the shops, malls and more located on that locality, the Askme app is the complete guide shows the information in best way. Many attractive feature of the Askme app is finding your favorite business spot. If you looking for the favorite business spot on your locality use this app to find more information.

Many apps offers the contact details and address of the corresponding organization but the Askme app is wonderful and especially made for you to know more about the detailed information such as the customer ratings, payment methods and opening hours. So the Askme app is the best app among all.

Most important feature of this app is, including review about your favorite organization and also allows you to add photos and tips. You can make a list by placing your favorite organization and you can also suggest these to your friends and all by sharing it over the Facebook, SMS, email and twitter. So enjoy the searching on the Askme app and get the right solutions.

If you left your mobile home itself but you need the help of the Askme app to find out the café of your vicinity, you can simply dial the number 0444-444-4444 and get the right solution.

So make your search more comfort and better by using the Askme app. Now your ask me app is free to download, so enjoy the surfing on the Askme app and get rid from many unknown queries depends on your locality.

Waterproof smartphones


There are many variety of seasons in India and the monsoon is the most unpredictable one. You never know when it will rain. This is a great pain who love to carry their electronic devices because if their device soaks in the rain then it will affect the internal circuitry and damage the power supply. A smartphone is not an exception to this at all. Hence many waterproof covers were introduced for each of these smartphones. Recently, some companies have gone to the next level and have introduced water proof smartphones that can resist water when it is soaked into it. Some of these amazing waterproof phones, available in the Indian market, are discussed in this post.

IPM rating

A smartphone is the electronic gadget that is used by many these devices. Over time these phones undergo a lot of wear and tear. Waterproofing these phones will make it more resistant to wear and tear. In order to accept a phone as waterproofed it has to obtain an IPM (Ingress Protection Marking) rating. This is nothing but a rating used to denote the resistance of a device against dust and water. It consists of two digits with the first one showing how resistant it is to water and the second one indicating its resistance to dust. The higher this number the more waterproof it is.

Waterproofed Motorola smartphones

Motorola offers a wide range of smartphones like the Moto E, Moto G, Moto X which are all waterproofed. It is surrounded by a coating made of water-repellent nano particles. This makes it possible to protect the phones from water. But the problem is it does not have an IPM rating hence we do not know how water resistant these phones are. However we can surely say that these smartphones has the ability to protect itself in the monsoons due to its water coating.

Waterproofed Sony smartphones

Another brand that offers waterproof phones is Sony. There are a variety of smartphones such as Xperia Z, Xperia Z1, Xperia Z1 Compact, Xperia Z2 and Xperia ZR. These devices have an IP rating of 58 which enable you to take photos and videos underwater. This is so far the best waterproofed smartphone available in the market today.

Hence you no longer have to be worried about going out in the monsoon with your smartphone. Just grab one of these phones mentioned above and go wherever you like at any time and at any weather.

Virtual Reality


Occulus Rift has been considered as the leader of the virtual reality market. But Google, with its Google Cardboard is trying to prove that a phone and a pair of lens are all that is required for virtual reality. This was one of the few markets that Google didn’t venture into until now.

The Subaru Motorsports app

Google recently released the Subaru Motorsports app which has plenty of amazing features that enables it to provide fully interactive, 3D videos of speeding cars with the help of 360 degree cameras mounted on the tracks. Although there are many other apps that can already, this one is special and unique. What makes it special from the others is the quality of the virtual reality that it offers. This app provides this virtual reality by dividing frames coming from the app between the two eye streams. You just have to find a case that will strap your phone to your face. It is just an extension of the Google Cardboard app but it is amazing.

Future of this app

This motorsport app will be released and commercially available after the developers working on this project come up with a way to make it easier for everyone to strap their phone around their face. Once they come with an idea for this and release the project it can be used for various purposes ranging from playing games to taking tours through the museum.

In the future it is expected that all the cheap smartphones will become powerful enough to provide more and more intense solutions aimed at solving big problems which are complex. But it seems like Occulus Rift will continue to be with us for the foreseeable future as they are making rapid strides in the area of virtual reality and gaming. They are determined to defend their position in the VR area.