Lumia 530 and 520


In a general sense an update means a new version of an existing product with some additional capabilities. Many updates are being done for smartphones. In the case of Microsoft this general law has been broken. Microsoft Devices group launched the Lumia 530 smartphone which uses Windows 8.1 OS for a price of $114.

Disappointing Lumia 530

Lumia 530 is priced higher than the Lumia 520 but apart from that there is nothing in it to call this phone an upgraded version. May be, the only selling point of this phone is that it comes with a pre-installed Windows 8.1 OS. Other than this, there is nothing so noteworthy about this phone. In fact, it seems like some of the features and specifications found in the previous phone has been cut off in this phone to reduce the cost.

Features and Specifications of Lumia 530

This phone has a 4-inch TFT display with a pixel resolution of 854×480 and uses Windows 8.1 OS which is officially known as Cyan. It runs on a 1.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor which makes it run faster than ever. It contains a 512 MB RAM which is very low when compared to the modern day standards of a smartphone. The internal storage has been reduced from 8 GB, used in Lumia 520, to 4 GB in this phone. This internal storage can be expanded upto 128 GB by using a memory card. This is seen as a desperate move to cut down the cost.

Just like Lumia 520 there is no front camera in the Lumia 530 as well and there is a 5 MP rear camera with auto-focus. The battery is also the same as in the previous versions. It is a 2,000mAh battery which provides a decent charge and needs to be charged every single day. This phone is slightly heavier than the Lumia 520 which is like blow in the gut.

On the whole, Microsoft has produced the Lumia 530 by just cutting of some features in the previous version. This is not really an upgrade, it seems more like a downgrade.

Lenovo s850


Lenovo is emerging as one of the strongest companies in the world . It has introduced some amazing products in recent years. It started off from PCs and has now made it all the way to tablets. It is now looking to increase its list of products by introducing a new smartphone. This phone called the Lenovo S850 has some amazing features and specifications which makes it worth examining

Features and Specifications

It has a 5-inch HD display with a resolution of 720×1280 pixels. It has 178 ultra-wide viewing angles. It runs on a 1.3 GHz MediaTek quad-core processor which enables it to perform its tasks faster and in a much more efficient manner. It contains a 1 GB RAM and 16 GB internal storage which is easily expandable.

It uses Android 4.4 KitKat OS just like most of the other Android smartphones in the market. It is powered by a 2,000mAh battery that can provide a decent amount of battery charge if it is charged atleast once everyday. Like in every other smartphones, it has two cameras which includes one in the front and the other in the rear. The rear camera has a resolution of 13 MP and has a SNAPit function while the front camera has a resolution of 5 MP which would be useful for taking selfies.

About the launch

This smartphone was launched at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014. During this launch, Sudhin Mathur who is the director of smartphones for Lenovo India said that since the smartphone has become mainstream consumers are expecting much more quality. He also said that Lenovo will commit itself in creating more and more of these quality and innovative smartphones.

Competition for Lenovo

Lenovo is expected to provide a tough competition to the Xiaomi Mi3 phone. As of now, Lenovo S850 has all the features to outperform its competitor but whether it does this successfully or not depends on plenty of factors.



There has been many rumors that Motorola is gonna make a comeback to India with the launch of Moto G. There has been a great reception and expectation of this phone when its price was revealed. Hence a lot is expected out of Motorola in its second spell and they hope that they would become a force in the Indian market.

Partnering with Flipkart for sales

Without a shadow of doubt it is clear that Motorola has set this price to compete with other smartphones in the market. However there is only one problem that could prevent this phone from becoming an instant hit in the market. It will be available only on In India the concept of online shopping is not so popular. Even though many players in the market have tried their best only a few people have embraced this idea of buying stuff online.

Although it was expected that the sales of Moto G would get affected as a result of the online sale, this did not turn out to be the case. Flipkart posted on its website that it had run out of the Moto G stock on the night it was released. This was a surprising success for Moto G considering the fact that they chose a different and a risky stratergy.

Future partnerships

This success acted as the catalyst for Motorola and Flipkart to partner up once again. Now they are making their intentions clear about releasing the Moto X and Moto E phones in India. About a month ago Flipkart announced that it sold over a million units of smartphones within 5 months in India alone.

Motorola has not been afraid to take risks in the market. They are surely looking to reach the dominant position that they once held in the Indian market. The Moto G has enabled them to achieve that position and one has to wait to find out what other tricks Motorola has up its sleeve.


AskMeBazaar Brings Most Amazing Deals with Deal Guru

For any economy to function properly, market should be well defined. Market is a place where the buyers and sellers interact to exchange goods and services. The classical concept of market restricted itself to geographical boundaries, a place where the buyers and sellers had to interact physically. This concept has evolved. Market is no more a place where the buyers and sellers have to meet physically. The concept of market has evolved from local to global. As technology involved so did the concept of market. Clothes, shoes, bag, food products and much more are all available with the click of a button. Deal guru is the website for all local and international brands.

Perfect Place to Do Online Shopping

Deal Guru in collaboration with, is the ideal place for both buyer and seller. Deal Guru is a platform where the sellers can take care of its excess stock. is the perfect site for both buyers and sellers. Buyers get the best quality products at amazing prices and makes best deal with the sellers. Deal Guru is the perfect place for buyers. Be it electronic appliances, beauty products, home appliances or jewellery, clothes, handbags or shoes. From home appliances to clothes to beauty products, every need of the buyer is fulfilled.

The process begins with It starts with photo shoots and uploading all the necessary information about the product on the website. After this, Deal Guru comes into the picture. Deal Guru takes the confirmation from the customers and handles the delivery. The customers receive the product at their place. Buyers can make opt for the suitable payment mode. If the buyer is unsure about how the product will be, the consumers can opt for cash on delivery. A confirmation call will be made from Deal Guru. Sellers will get their necessary payments. The basic purpose of the market is fulfilled, and the best part is the buyer did not have to physically meet the seller for the transaction.

Deal Guru: More Essential Features

Deal Guru not only helps the seller to get rid of their excess inventories at a profitable price, but also help the buyer to fulfil their demand. They design a user-friendly website so that it is easy for the customers to use. Discounts are available almost on all products. The products are categorised, making it convenient for the consumers to find the products. The website clearly states their clause and condition, therefore there is no hidden or illegal step taken by them. They are fast and mess free.

Time has become the biggest luxury of all. Everything can be bought apart from time. Deal Guru understands the importance of time. The customer gets the best deal, high quality product at any point of time. They help sellers to get rid of their excess inventories at the best price. Market, nowadays, does not restrict itself within the geographical or domestic boundaries. It has expanded and evolved. Market, taking assistance of technology, is within the reach of every customer and helps them save time and money.



Social media has become a vital part of brand strategy and positioning. Customers tend to now look up a brand on the web before they even consider it. Moreover with the vitality that social media offers, it is more than important that brands amp up their social media experiences for customers. If you don’t do it, someone else will take advantage of it. Even customers have a short span of loyalty and to keep them hooked is in every way the responsibility of the brand. To amp their social quotient, grab on the opportunity cost of wining customers and customer loyalty, brands need to tap on their customer experience. What customers will see, believe and experience is what they will spread! No marketing strategy can out beat the power of word of mouth marketing.

1. Make their experience a good one.

People love to be heard. Whether it’s a problem they are in or simply a good news. That’s what friends provide support for. We gain trust in people who help us in both good and bad times. Companies too as brands need to reach out to both happy and unhappy customers. It’s important to value customers and more importantly value customer feedback. Social networking is all about being real time. Real time has both advantages and disadvantages. As a brand you need to be on your tip-toe and pay attention to all that your customers are saying about you. If there is anything upsetting about your customer about your brand or service, fix that and also not just respond your customers with an apology. Instead extend a reward or a way to cheer up your customer. This way you are not turning the bitter feeling of your customer but you are turning your customer in to your brand ambassador. He will spread only good things about you.

2. Listen to what your customers/fans are saying

Customers are your best focus group.  They are the buyers, users and if there is anything they have to say is true feedback. Listen carefully to what your customers are saying about you or your service and act on it. Be it praises or negative feedback,  the key to building loyalty is listening.  Train your customer care, PR, social media team, sales team all with the same brand beliefs. Make them your vision builders and mission enhancers. Opt for 360 degress customer centric integrated approach when it comes to interacting with customers or product launches.

3. Go beyond the expectations

When customers are seeking your brand, even before they have bought it they are looking out for you on social media. Many a times it is referral marketing through social media that will entice the customers to give your product or service a trial. Similarly it will take one negative comment or experience to turn away a potential customer. To enhance a positive feedback or to dish out a negative experience it is important to do something that is beyond a customers’ expectations.To build a community of loyal enthusiastic, fans and customers, it is extremely important to stay connected with your users all the time. Be it online or offline listen to what your customers have to say (be it good or bad) and you will build long lasting relationship with them.