Best 10 apps for your Google TV

The sales record on Google TV is increasing day by day. Users are demanding more and more apps for their television sets. The top 10 apps that have to be installed on your TV sets are given below.


  1. This is a video streaming app which can be used even on Google chrome.
  2. You can download this app and install it on your television.

Design your room with a phone using minimum fonts available on cool web sites

Minimum fonts with room hints:

Minimum fonts allow you to set the font size as per your convenience, which you would prefer to see on the web pages. For example, if you set the minimum font size to 7 and you visit a size that has the smaller text font than a size 7, then that extension will extend to 7. You can select any font size, which makes you comfortable to read out the text on the web pages. You can enable or disable minimum font on the subdomains individually. Also, style your room on the spot, using your mobile phone. Upload a picture of your room, in the site’s advanced décor matching algorithms to find the perfect items to decorate your room guided by a fleet of designers within few seconds. You can also find manually perfect items to decorate your room.


Other features:

1. Movies from an extensive database are featured in movies for the movie lovers.

2. The game is designed to expand your knowledge and test about the movies and celebrities.

3. Many enormous pictures about movies are shown for the players.

4. Open eshop is a new PHP script for selling the goods such as software’s, mp3 and other accessories.

5. You can post a new product on your site, and then share that URL and are paid through PayPal.

6. This requires simple set up and no cards are required.

7. The otter helps the students, teachers and parents stay in a single loop, which is absolutely free.

8. Teachers can accept digital homework assignments from the students.

9. Students can be free from forgot papers and lost emails.

10. You can also set a classroom calendar with specific class tags.

11. The teachers can send classroom announcements to the parents and students via email or through text messages.

12. The site does not charge a single penny for text messages.

Top 6 Healthcare Apps for Nurses

As the saying goes, “there’s an app for that.” The saying rings true in the healthcare industry, there are apps that can dramatically help you make worklife in healthcare easier, especially if you are going through the online MSN program. There is a literally an app for every facet of healthcare, but the top 6 are listed below.

What Netflix updates change in Android apps

As many Netflix users will tell you, their relationship with the service is one of ambivalence. Although the service is undeniably great, there is a big problem when it comes to its android app. Not only is it buggy but also quite unstable. Even though it worked, it wasn’t something that you could enjoy using. It was laggy, clunky and slow. The reason for this is partly because the developers were lazy and rushed to come up with the app. They chose to use an HTML-based UI notwithstanding the fact that it was always horrendous. However, this needs not be the case anymore following news that Netflix team was set to roll out major update to boost the android app.

Marketing Service Provider

It is not easy to run business on your own, every successful business has a very strong marketing support which does half the work in drawing the attention of new customers and the rest is up to the company, its product in making the customer satisfied.

There are many good organization whose product is very good but is not getting the actual response that it should supposed to get. For a new product to enter the market when there is competition in the field, to fetch some good customers or consumers isn’t just a walk in the park, this is where the marketing comes in. Sometimes when running business, things are in such a way that it makes marketing the only reason for a product to make customers of its own.

RevLocal is a Local SEO which has been helping its customers in promoting their businesses. Actually it is the product promotion that has made the clients, much more than satisfied. Especially in the case of newly started business, without the product promotion, it is very uncommon to find a new product to perform and have customers at the start itself.
This local business marketing service gets the product promoted very quickly and will be recognized by many over the web in a very less time. RevLocal achieves this easily by having promotions done for its client and its product is promoted using the local search engine optimization technique. Such that whenever a user is in search of something and if this product is anywhere close to the search subject, then it gets reflected in the search results. Likewise, this local search marketing company has been helping many business develop from nothing to everything it had dreamed of.

Revlocal has improved many businesses and is still carrying out services.